‘Most students resist being educated’

That’s what US blogger/teacher Freddie says, in his post of the same name, which points out that there’s a prevailing notion around at the moment that the net has made traditional education obsolete by freeing up the flows of information. As a result, students can get to the information they want/need – they don’t need teachers anymore to deliver it to them…

However, as Freddie points out, education is an altogether more complex business – it isn’t simply about the communicating of information. An interesting post and an interesting discussion following on from it.

Reminded me of similar but related ideas from Pamela Hieronymi’s essay on the myths of online learning, quoted in Evegeny Morozov’s ‘To Save Everything, Click Here’:

Education is not the transmission of information or ideas. Education is the training needed to make use of information and ideas. As information breaks loose from bookstores and libraries and floods onto computers and mobile devices, that training becomes more important, not less.


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