Suzanne Moore on Liz Jones’ new book

I’m not sure if ‘hatchet job’ is the right way to describe Suzanne Moore’s brutal takedown of Liz Jones’ new book ‘Girl Least Likely To: 30 Years of Fashion, Fasting and Fleet Street’.

It’s more like a diagnosis, or even an intervention. Perhaps if your journalistic stock-in-trade is confessing your personal pathologies, then you invite a critical response like this – focusing on anorexia, self-hatred, unacknowledged anger, narcissism.

Confessional columnists sell themselves as ‘truth-tellers’ – people who aren’t afraid to put it out there. But as Moore says of Jones, ‘The truth she sells is that you can monetise damage if you are clever enough.’

There’s been a bit of anti-Moore stuff online, saying that she misrepresents anorexia and/or that she should be more compassionate to someone who’s mentally ill… Though if you really follow that line of argument, you should end up pointing the finger at the editors at the Mail who sell papers/generate page views from giving Jones a regular platform for her self-loathing.

As Moore says:

It is well known that the Daily Mail gets women to write its most misogynistic pieces. Jones, I feel, always worked well for them as an example of the dread “career woman”: you end up childless, having endless “procedures”, living in a barn with cats, bats and raddled horses

The latest version of this kind of thing would be Samantha Brick, I guess.

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