About Jim McClellan

Who am I: 

A former slacker turned full time hackademic. Live in London. Teach in London. Spend a lot of my life on the tube. Don’t blog as much as I should. Read a lot, but not as much as I’d like to. Have three kids and one v. understanding, v.tolerant, v. wonderful partner. That’s all you need to know really.

That’s the short biog. But if you want to know more…

What I used to do:

I was a journalist – for style mags, men’s mags and the papers – mainly The Guardian and The Observer, mostly on the net and new media in general.

In theory I still am a journalist. I write things every now and then – for Adbusters magazine, The BBC. But it’s hard to find the time at the moment to go chasing commissions.

I’ve also worked for the BBC as a kind of new media R&D consultant. And I spent a small chunk of my life developing a drama idea for BBC1. In the end it came to nothing much but was pretty interesting along the way.

I was briefly the interactive writer in residence at the BBC – and developed a weblog-based narrative, that also came to nothing much in the end, but was also pretty interesting along the way.

A few years ago now I helped edit an internal newspaper designed to spread some interesting research about BBC online projects…More recently I was part of the team who put together ‘Hacking the BBC’, an ebook that looked at the work done on the BBC Backstage Project.

What I do now:

Teach journalism. Read/watch/listen/click through a lot of student journalism. I’m currently the Principal Lecturer/Course Leader on the BA (Hons) Journalism degree course at the University of Westminster.

Before that I was a senior lecturer in Journalism department at the University for the Creative Arts at Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, Maidstone and Rochester. I was at the Farnham campus.

I teach magazine journalism, features writing, online journalism etc. Actually mostly these days I teach online journalism – though these days, journalism is mostly online…

There are various blogs online that have something to do with me – though most of them are long term dormant. I’m trying to organise my online presence at the mo (today’s July 15th 2012) and am aiming to get rid of most of them. Let’s see how it goes.

You can contact me at jimdotmcclellanatntlworlddotcom

Or leave comments here somewhere.

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