Rob Walker – Cyberspace When You’re Dead

Just realised that the Penelop Umbrico image of multiple sunset pics, aggregated/assembled from Flickr, which I posted yesterday, was from ‘Cyberspace When You’re Dead’, the New York Times, Sunday Magazine piece by Rob Walker. And that I’d already blogged it on my dormant Tumblr, a year or so ago, when I was going through a brief phase of tracking this kind of thing.

8,799,661 Suns `From Flickr (partial) 3/8/11, 2011

You see a lot of images like this these days. Actually, you’ve probably seen this kind of thing a lot for a while now, if you’ve been looking.

The picture is by Penelope Umbrico and was found on the Rencontre Arles site. Actually there’s lots more of this kind of thing on her site – lots of New Aesthetic-y pixellated, Flickr-ish overloaded ‘similarly different, differently similar’ image grids. That probably doesn’t make much sense – I should find a better way to describe her work. I should probably think about it a bit more.

But it does seem very much of the times…

Some more images:

Sunset Portraits by Penelope Umbrico

Sunset Portraits, 2011

Instances of books being read, 2007

Instances of Books Being Read (from home-decor and home-improvement webistes and catalogs), 2007

There are lots of other really nice images, too big/complex to put here – I liked Views from the Internet (2008), From Catalogs (done in 1998) and Dogs on Pillows (not sure when this one was done).

Four Types of Journalists

I like this post from Matt Thompson at Poynter about four types of journalists – the storyteller, the newshound, the systems analyst and the provocateur. I think it might help students understand what type of journalism they like and what type of journalist they want to be. In fact, it might help them a bit better than the standard approach – which tends to focus on platform – i.e. print, radio, TV, online, magazine etc.

I wonder if getting people to do the Myers-Briggs personality test, as Thompson did at Poynter, might help students think a bit about group work too… Might be a difficult sell.

By the way, I think I’m part storyteller, part systems-analyst – though I might try to kid myself occasionally that I’m a provocateur…